It takes many talented people doing many things right to successfully distribute potatoes and other crops throughout the U.S.

At Horizon Logistics, we get food to the table and feed the world while sustaining our land, our company and the communities across the country where we work and live. Every person has an important job to do. And every step counts—from the farm to the final forklift.

For us, it’s about digging deeper and going the extra mile with a team committed to producing good food, giving back to the community and protecting our earth.


Our year-round line-haul options are just one of the reasons drivers love working with Horizon Logistics. We also ensure you’re paid on time, manage your schedule so you can know when you’ll be home and make sure you never have to worry about paperwork or brokers.

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Horizon Logistics Shipping Locations

All shipping locations are subject to change due to weather and market conditions.


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